Malnutrition in the world.

  • Malnutrition affects one in three people.
  • In emergencies, extreme poverty and malnutrition multiply.
  • Mortality rates can increase up to 70 times in an emergency..
  • It is possible to change this reality, and it can be achieved quickly.
”Poverty and malnutrition are increasingly concentrated in humanitarian crises. An unprecedented number of people have been forced to leave their homes. The number of refugees worldwide has reached its all-time high point of 21.3 million.”

Author – «2016 Global Nutrition Report»

It is possible to change this reality,
and it can be achieved quickly.

Child nutrition and refugees

45 %
Of child mortality rates are caused from malnutrition in the world.
20 times more
for refugee children.
From 0 to 2 years old
Is the most delicate period for survival.

¿How have we come to this situation?

The causes of child malnutrition are not just lack of food, but lack of many other things:

Clean water
Espiga de trigo
La desnutrición en el mundo

How can we solve this situation?
With the MOM project, an innovative initiative by UNHCR and “la Caixa” Banking Foundation:

  • We place the mother at the center of the humanitarian response, paying a comprehensive care to cover her needs for nutrition, shelter, water and health.
  • We incorporate technological tools that expedite the distribution of food and therapeutic treatment, helping mothers to be 100% dedicated to the care of their children.
  • We train mothers to be more self-sufficient and to take care of their health, that of their children and their daily habits.